Welcome to www.probe.ink

At the beginning, I was searching for an internet site where I could order small amounts of fountain pen inks in order to be able to test them before buying whole bottles.

Back then I only found the Goulet Pen Company in the U.S.

For just a few ink samples of common fountain pen inks, it seemed a bit exaggerated to have them shipped across the whole planet.

So the idea took form to start my own site, as a hobby.
As a result, in Oktober 2014 we launched the German site Tintenprobe.de.

We - that's my wife Lena and myself.

Now, in January 2018, we decided to offer our fountain pen ink samples to more people, not just to German customers.
For this reason, the site Tintenprobe.de was translated to probe.ink and received the option to pay via PayPal.

With kind regards
from Hamburg, Germany
Oliver Scheit